• CREASION Retreat 2018 at Chitwan

    Like every year, CREASION organized a wonderful team building retreat marking a perfect occasion of New Year. This time team reached Chitwan chasing peaceful and green environment. The three days trip was full of fun including singing dancing, jungle safari, bon fires, team building exercises and many more. All the new and old staff together as a team had a wonderful time. We hope this togetherness will last forever taking CREASION to a new height of success.

  • Relief Distribution

    With the 2017 monsoon, people in the southern area of Nepal have been devastated after being severely stricken by the flood.  Thus, in hopes of supporting those in need, Creasion has provided supplies and relief material in Sakarpura, Maleth, Bishanpur, Pansera, Gobargadha, Portaha (ward 6 and 7) and is also constructing temporary toilets to prevent outbreak of waterborne diseases.

  • Volunteers contributing Change

    A group of 55 engineers from France volunteered and rebuilt Shree Kaule Devi School in Nuwakot District in just 33 days. 

  • Rebuilding Burunchuli

    Creasion in collaboration with Rotary 3292 is rebuilding an entire community with fifty households at Burunchuli, Lalitpur. The community is inhabited by the Tamangs, one of the marginalized ethnic groups of Nepal, and are dependent on daily wage labour for susteinence.

  • Community involvement in Rebuilding

    A woman from Burunchuli community stacking bricks to dry. The bricks are locally produced by a group of women that have taken on leading roles in rebuilding the community. RFC is a symbiotic rehabilitation model, where the beneficiaries are not just passive recipients but active members, who envision, plan and implement the changes they wish to see in their communities.

  • Nurturing Hopes

    A young girl walks to her school through rubble in Burunchuli. According to UNICEF 1.6 million school children are starting the new academic year in affected areas. Creasion has shouldered up the responsibiity of rebuilding schools and facilitating girl-child education as a major part of RFC project.

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  • Envisioning Healthier Nepal

    Creasion collaborated with Coca Cola (Bottler's Nepal Ltd) to build toilets and hand-washing facilities for school children at Shree Bhimsen Secondary School, Burunchuli. Creasion is committed to raise awareness about WaSH and improve sanitation condition at schools, which remains the major culprit for child mortality in Nepal.

  • Debunking Myths

    Healthy debate is the foundation of a well-informed and tolerant society. To initiate debates on the topics often not spoken about, Creasion started Debunking Myths series. Debunking Myths doesn’t plan on pointing our judgments passed in history and in the present as wrong or right but simply wants to instigate a certain level of curiosity in its audience – to learn more, explore more, and challenge more.

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  • Step-Up

    Despite the steady growth of the service sector- which is a major component of Nepali economy (ILO, Nepal Labour Market Update, 2014) - Nepal's young adults have been unable to derive the desired benefit from this burgeoning market. To empower the disenfranchised ethnic groups, VFC has launched Step Up, a career development program that aims to uplift each participant to a higher level of professional confidence, career-skill development and self-empowerment.

Let's get acquainted

CREASION is a not for profit, non-governmental organization that provides nepali citizens — especially those of a younger generation — the opportunity to actively participate in compassion-based change.

CREASION strives to be an innovative platform for development, collective solutions, sustainable progress, volunteerism, and research based tasks. CREASION runs two major programs: Rebuild For Change (RFC) and Volunteer For Change (VFC).

RFC is an earthquake recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction program, that works to create a sustainable model for earthquake-resilient villages in earthquake-affected communities.

VFC is a volunteer-platform conducting its activities with a special emphasis on youth-empowerment.

Where we work?

Community Development

Health & Education

Rural Infrastructure Development

Youth Engagement


Rescue, Releif & rehabilitation

Rohan Shrestha

Volunteer Spotlight

Rohan Shrestha

Involving as a volunteer has its own perks. My time at CREASION Nepal as a volunteer has taught me to be self-reliable and to have your own idea. Providing the platform to be innovative and confident, CREASION Nepal motivated me to reach out your own goal and to have a vision of your own.

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