To be a part of CREASION has truly been a blessing for me personally and professionally. The team has always pushed me to improve my skills and to be confident in myself. Everyday is a new opportunity for me here to better myself in every aspect. I am truly thankful for the entire CREASION team for their support. 


Both my husband and I work together sorting waste and that is how we sustain our livelihood. The lockdown has come as a curse to us because our incomes have declined due to the slowing down in the sales of the recyclables that we sort here. Some few days back, we could not feed our children any food because we had no money for ration.

We have faced the worst of this lockdown because our children have been deprived of food and we face uncertainty regarding our sufficiency of food. We continue our work hoping we will get paid one day but it is difficult considering the situation right now. The ration that I received today will at least sustain my family for some time and I am relieved about it.


Being a part of CREASION has been an enriching experience for me. Working as the Communications Officer for the Waste Workers Emergency Relief Project (WWERP) and getting to work on the ground hearing and documenting the stories of stakeholders, partners, and waste workers has provided me a good learning experience. I am thankful to be able to be a part of the team, learn through and with them and provide support to the ones who need it at this time of crisis.


Being a part of CREASION through the Waste Workers Emergency Relief Project has been a great experience for me. As the photographer, I have received the opportunity to bring forth the stories of waste workers who are the frontliners in the current pandemic through my images which I feel very happy about. I am thankful to the organization and also the team for making my experience here full of new lessons.

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