Oxygen needed on top of the world



No one should die because there is no Oxygen. 

Join hands with us to make sure no one does. 

Oxygen for Nepal aims to avert a possible health catastrophe and fulfil the rising need of essential health infrastructures required to address increasing cases. We are a part of COVID Alliance for Nepal- a volunteer group of Nepali individuals – in Nepal and overseas -, companies, and foreigners - all with a love for Nepal. If you read this, you’re probably one of us.   

Through our collaboration, we focus on fund collection, procurement and effective distribution of life-saving oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, immediate setup of oxygen generators and fully equipped isolation centres. Our interventions are already underway but to meet our goal of setting up 11 oxygen generators, procuring and distributing 1000 oxygen cylinders and 500 oxygen concentrators within June and setting up isolation centres with the capacity to operate for at least the next three months, we need your support.  

The Problem

Nepal's Test Positivity Rate is almost 50%, the world's highest by now.Daily death count is raising but with the limitations of essential commodities such as oxygen, the crisis is worsening.

The Solution

CREASION's Covid-19 Response has initiated multiple solutions in collaboration with different partners to fill the supply and demand gap of essential infrastructures.

The Interventions

Oxygen Plants

Oxygen Cylinders and Concentrators

Isolation Center

Covid-19 Saftey Resources

  • What are we doing?

    We are working hard at bringing 10 Oxygen Generators to Nepal by the end of May 2021. Each one can produce enough Oxygen to serve 50 beds and 15 cylinders at the same time, 24 hours a day. That is 650 patients who will receive continuous Oxygen at any given time. 

    We are also addressing the immediate need for oxygen by taking critical requests from individuals and hospitals and distributing oxygen cylinders. Our goal is to fund the supply of at least 1000 oxygen cylinders and concentrators within June. We plan to refill and rotate the cylinders according to the need.  

    These oxygen cylinders and concentrators will also be instrumental in equipping isolation centres. Our priority is also setting up isolation centres that can fully operate for at least three months without shortage of financial, human resources and other commodities. We have been actively working to identify suitable locations for the centre as well as arrange required resources for its operation.  

    Along with the provision of these essential resources, we are also involved in the arrangement and distribution of basic safety gear such as gloves, masks, PPEs and sanitisers to the front-line workers. A food drive for waste workers and other daily wage labourer is also a part of the initiative and aims to sustain the livelihood of those deprived of their income due to the lockdown. 

  • Why are we doing this and why are we also appealing to you?

    Because we love our country and its people. And because we believe we can, and should, help to solve the current crisis in whichever little or big way we can. We believe you love Nepal and its people too and will stand with us at this time. 

  • Where are the oxygen plants and cylinders coming from?

    We were able to source 11 generators from NOVAIR, an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified French manufacturer specialized in the design and manufacture of the medical gas system. For now – 10 of those have been procured.  

    As for the oxygen cylinders and concentrators, have arrived we are making the procurements from China. 

  • What is the estimated amount required for each activity?

    The cost for one oxygen generator is $97168. We have already placed an order for ten oxygen generators through the support of these partners:

                                              Partners              Number of Oxygen Plants 
    Syakar Trading Company Pvt. Ltd.                                      1
    America Nepal Doctor's Foundation                                      2
    Shanker Group                                      1
    Batas Foundation                                       2
    CREASION                                      1
    Mission Rebuild Nepal                                      2
    Humanity Foundation Nepal                                      1 

    The funds collected from these corporate and NGO partners have already been processed for purchase of ten oxygen generators. We are in the process of collecting funds for additional two generators.

    Similarly, the estimated cost for one oxygen cylinder is $395. With the initial aim to procure 1000 cylinders within July, we need to collect a total of $39500

    To meet our aim of establishing a 25-bed isolation ward and operating it for three months with all required resources, the total cost required would be $170,550 (the estimated cost for one day is $1895).

  • How will you know that your money was used for the reason you gave it?

    The funds are being raised through CREASION, a registered not-for-profit, non-governmental organization that has been working for emergency disaster response, environment, youth, women and children since 2005. We comply with all requirements of the Social Welfare Council and are being quarterly annually audited. An audit report on this initiative will be made available on our website. 

  • How can you help?

    If you are a courier service or a transport company, you can help us directly by transporting the Oxygen plants from France to Nepal to the final destination.

    If you have money to spare, you can help us buy and transport these Oxygen plants. 

    Everyone can help us by amplifying this message.

    If you are in:

    America or Australiaclick here

    Europe- click here

    India or China- click here 

    Nepal- click here

    For interested donors from countries not mentioned above, you can make donations through this link- https://nepalrising.org/- if you have a Visa Card

    If you would like to make a Wire Transfer, the details are below: 

    NMB Bank

    Boudha Branch

    Swift Code: NMBBNPKA

    Account Name: CREASION

    A/C - 1510142939500013

  • How are we collecting funds?

    We are directly receiving funds from national donors to our bank account. To collect funds from donors abroad, we have partnered with local and international groups and organizations. Nepal Rising in the USA, Merging NEPSOCS and Hamro Nepali Samaj in the UK, BeArtsy for Spain are some of our major fundraising partners.  


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Cylinders Distributed

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Regulators Distributed

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Requests Addressed

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Safety Gears Distributed


Waste Workers and Differently-Abled Children Provided with Food Ration


Oxygen Concentrator Distributed


Oxygen Cylinders Refilled and Rotated in Kathmandu

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Community Contact Tracing in No. of Households






Amount Raised($) for Oxygen Generator



Oxygen Generators


America Nepal Medical Foundation

Batas Foundation

Syakar Trading Company Pvt. Ltd.

Mission Rebuild Nepal

Jagadamba Steel

Humanity Foundation Nepal

COVID Alliance for Nepal

Nepal Rising

Merging Nepsocs

be artsy

Student Coalition for Nepal

COVID19- Rapid Action Task Force (C19-RAT)

Animal Nepal


The Coca-Cola Foundation

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