Workshop: Climate Smart Entrepreneurship

Sep 30, 2023

On September 30th, an impactful workshop took place as part of the Climate Smart Entrepreneurship program under the Nepali Yuwa in Climate Action and Green Growth (NYCAGG) project. This workshop was organized by CREASION in collaboration with the Youth Innovation Lab and was attended by 24 participants. The workshop served as a essential preparatory and mentoring session, equipping all attendees with the skills and insights necessary to excel on the upcoming Award Day.

Its primary focus was on refining their entrepreneurial concepts and enhancing their pitching abilities. Guiding the workshop were two facilitators: Mr. Pradip Khatiwada, the Executive Director of the Youth Innovation Lab, and Ms. Agrima Kc, the Innovation Coordinator for Climate Smart Entrepreneurship at CREASION. This workshop provided a supportive platform for each participant to showcase their innovative ideas, fostering open discussions among peers, and receiving constructive feedback. It also offered an opportunity for participants to fine-tune their presentations and then present their improved pitches.

Ultimately, the workshop proved to be a resounding success, fostering an engaging and interactive environment that left all participants well-prepared for the upcoming Award Day. They not only improved their entrepreneurial skills but also gained exposure to new ideas and innovative approaches to enhance their enterprises.

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