By Avipsha Rayamajhi
Jun 26, 2020

As part of the Waste Workers Emergency Relief Project, 28 waste workers stationed in two different hospitals were provided with safety gears along with awareness sessions by our medical officer. The waste workers stationed to manage waste of Bakulahar Ratnanagar Hospital and Bharatpur Hospital, Chitwan were a part of the distribution and awareness sessions.

8 waste workers of Bakulahar Ratnanagar Hospital and 28 waste workers of Bharatpur Hospital of Chitwan were provided with safety gears. It was handed over to the doctors of the respective hospitals for further provision to the waste workers.

Besides distribution, the team also conducted awareness sessions in the leadership of our Medical Officer. The awareness session and training covered the use and removal of safety gears such as masks, gloves and protective jumpsuits, proper hygiene and most importantly waste management of hospitals.

This was a small effort in part of CREASION and WWERP to recognize and acknowledge the contribution of waste workers who are actively and constantly working especially in hospitals to manage medical waste despite the risk involved.

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