Waste Workers Emergency Relief Project Day 9

By Avipsha Rayamajhi
May 29, 2020

The ninth distribution of Waste Workers Emergency Relief Project was successfully conducted in three different sites. The project reached out to a total of 140 waste workers. They were provided with the standard ration packages, medicines, awareness materials and protective jumpsuits.

The waste workers were also given a brief demonstration on the proper handwashing technique, use and removal of gloves and masks, reusable sanitary pads, protective jumpsuits as well as information about the use of medicines.

The first distribution was conducted in Radhe Radhe, Bhaktapur for 50 waste workers. 21 ration materials and 69 safety gears were provided to the waste workers.

For the second distribution at Lalitpur, 98 waste workers were reached out with protective jumpsuits, ration packages and awareness materials. 37 waste workers were given ration materials whereas 61 were provided with safety gears. 17 safety gears for waste workers of Swayambhu and 23 safety gears for waste workers of Maharjgunj were also handed over.

The distribution was conducted in the facilitation of our partner, Nepsemyak.

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