Waste Workers Emergency Relief Project

By Avipsha Rayamajhi
May 21, 2020

The current scenario is an extremely pressing crisis with a global pandemic looming around us, emergency health crisis, and a tight lockdown that has made everybody’s lives upside down. Still, waste workers- who are involved in one of the most dangerous occupations that involve greater health risks- have continued their work despite the threat of the virus.

We acknowledge the contribution of waste workers from a macro to micro level- from a single household to the entire environment. Their plight to juggle underpaid and undermined work with the prevalent global health crisis is closely felt by us. In support of The Coca- Cola Foundation, CREASION Nepal has initiated The Waste Workers Emergency Relief Project to support the livelihood of our unsung heroes in any way that we can.

The means to support the waste workers are ration packages that consist of 20 kg rice, lentils, salt and other non- perishable food items, hygiene materials such as soaps, reusable sanitary pads, general medicines and awareness posters. Before handing over the packages, the waste workers are thoroughly briefed about hygienic practices such as hand washing, use and disposal of masks, gloves, and reusable sanitary pads.

The first distribution program was carried out successfully on May 15th, 2020 for 150 waste workers. The women beneficiaries consisted of single mothers and women with HIV that were connected to us through Women for Human Rights (WHR).

The second distribution program successfully concluded on May 19, 2020 for 100 women sanitation workers. We received positive feedback from all of our beneficiaries. They were particularly delighted by the awareness session on general hygiene. One of the women beneficiaries who has been working in the waste sector for three years provided an extremely appreciative response to the relief and was thankful to have received help and awareness at times of crisis.

The attendance of representatives from The Bottlers Nepal in the events until now has been very encouraging to us. Mr. Aanand Mishra, Founder and President of CREASION was also present for the distribution.

The project aims to reach out to a greater number of waste workers around Kathmandu Valley, Chitwan and Eastern Nepal and help them ease their lives. 

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