Waste Smart School: Kathmandu Chapter

Sep 15, 2022

Waste Smart Schools are a one-of-a-kind model, where children and young adults are taught about the ways to manage waste and plastics. Waste Smart School is an initiative to provide students and young children with an environment-friendly and environment-conscious outlook. We ensure students receive exposure and well-rounded knowledge about the waste management scenario on individual and community-level practices for environmental protection.

Our aspiration of establishing a Waste Smart School in Kathmandu has come to life today. We have successfully partnered with Bal Uddhaar Secondary School, Kapan to make it a Waste Smart School. From now onwards, Bal Udhhar Secondary School will engage its students of the school in environment-related activities and programs, to help them achieve an environment-friendly and environment-conscious outlook.

To support the vision, today, our dynamic team visited the school and formed a waste smart club. Under the leadership and guidance of Recycler Saathi and School Committee, the club will now conduct various waste-related activities, awareness, and engaging content to make the students more aware of waste, waste-related issues, and waste management. The members of the clubs received badges and Waste Smart School Club Kit. An MoU was also signed between the school and CREASION to help introduce the necessary interventions to make the school waste smart.

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