The Best Way Forward to Recycler Saathi

By Suvechchha Chapagain
Jun 09, 2019

The collaboration between Coca-Cola Nepal and CREASION has taken an official shape with the signing of MOU between Mr. Aanand Mishra, Founder and President of CREASION, Mr. Ambuj Singh, Country Director, Coca-Cola in Nepal and Mr. Pradip Pandey, Managing Director, Bottlers Nepal Limited during a press conference organized by Coca Cola at Hotel Shangri~La, Kathmandu.

During the event, Coca-Cola shared its plans to invest substantially in the Recycler Saathi project to provide momentum to its existing PET waste recovery efforts in Nepal.

Speaking about the impact Recycler Saathi can yield among the average youths of Nepal, the Founder and President of CREASION, Mr. Aanand Mishra shared “Recycler Saathi is an initiative to become a friend of today’s generation in guiding them to make a cleaner environment while providing a practical solution for recycling PET bottles within Nepal. We are humbled to partner with Coca-Cola and support their vision of making a world without waste a reality. We are also working to make it a model project which can be replicated all over Nepal soon.”

Coca Cola also highlighted the joint efforts taken by the organization and its recent partner Nepal Army, central, provincial and local governments, Nepal Mountaineering Association and Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee to make the giant initiative of retrieving discarded garbage from Mt Everest a success.

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