Social Media for Advocacy

By Creasion
Jul 12, 2022

CREASION, through its program, Recycler Saathi, successfully held an interaction program with the youths of VFC (Volunteer for Change) Bharatpur, Sauraha, and Kasara about “Social media for advocacy” in an event supported by The Coca-Cola Foundation and Bottler’s Nepal Terai Limited. Led by Mr. Aanand Mishra, Founder, and President of CREASION, the event held a valuable discussion session on how youths can become agents of change, and start advocacy for the right cause from their close circle, home, and society.

Our Goodwill Ambassadors, Mrs. Keki Adhikari, and Mr. Parakram SJB Rana also held a powerful discussion on how advocacy can start from within and the ways by which social media can be a voice for the voiceless in this digital world. The youth of the session also highlighted persisting issues in their community like human-wildlife conflict, solid waste management, cyberbullying, mental health awareness, etc. Several advocacy tools and awareness strategies were also discussed on the mentioned issues.

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