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Jun 30, 2024

Day 1 of the river-cleanup started with a spirited river cleanup at Golanjor Municipality, making a tangible difference right from the start. 51 people from diverse backgrounds, including youths, marginalized communities, community representatives, and security forces, came together and collected 1,863 kg of waste in just one hour.

A comprehensive training and workshop on Waste Smart Schools (WSS) was conducted at Janajyoti Secondary School, along with MoU signing and distribution of Waste Smart Kits. Later, our Project CAP team traveled to Shree Kaushika Secondary School to replicate our efforts with another MoU signing and Waste Smart School kit distribution.

Alongside these activities, we reached out to vulnerable communities, including fishermen and the dhobi community, ensuring their voices and needs are heard.

Day 2 of the river-cleanup started with another fulfilling day which started with river clean-up as we collaborated with local stakeholders, youth groups, and community members for Bhabsi river clean-up.

The team successfully collected around 200 kg of plastics and related waste. Also, we distributed Waste Smart Kits and conducted training sessions on e-Library setup and usage at Shree Rastriya Secondary School, Pashupatinath and Shree Janata Secondary School, Dandatole.

Day 3 of the river clean-up continued, the team reached Heatuda-10 on the third day to clean Rapti river with participation of 60+people representing various backgrounds including youth groups, local communities, government officials, security forces.

Together, we collected a total of 343 kg of mixed waste, including plastics, bottles, multi-layered plastics, organic waste, and other low-grade materials.

Additionally, the team visited Amar Secondary School and Sramik Secondary School to formalize Waste Smart Clubs and provide training for setting up e-libraries.

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