Relief for Melamchi, Sindhupalchowk: CREASION in collaboration with other entities initiate immediate flood response

Jun 17, 2021

CREASION in collaboration with Nepal Share, Be Artsy and other anonymous individual donors has initiated a quick relief response mechanism for flood affected communities. With the arrival of monsoon, the incidents of flood and landslides have also increased in many districts of Nepal. Many families have been displaced and ensuring their safety and security is a big challenge right now.

Individual and institutional collaboration between the entities has extended assistance to 200 flood affected families. The first dispatch sent tarpaulins, mosquito nets, biscuits and beaten rice, solar lamps, blankets and water purifiers as immediate relief. The collaboration has extended its support for procurement and dispatch of additional relief and safety materials for the affected communities.

CREASION has also initiated #FillTheBucket campaign where a donation of Rs. 3000 can be made to sustain one flood affected family with basic safety and daily requirements.

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