Recycler Saathi Multistakeholder Coordination Meeting successfully concludes

By Avipsha Rayamajhi
Feb 14, 2020

On 14 February, 2020, Recycler Saathi conducted a multi- stakeholder coordination meeting with the objective of making them aware about the activities of Recycler Saathi and gaining insights on ways to enhance the waste management of the community.

The meeting was conducted in the presence of Ratna Prasad Lamichhane- Senior Divisional Engineer from Bharatpur Metropolitan City Office. A total of 18 participants were present in the meeting representing different sectors. Representatives from Bharatpur Metropolitan City Office, Environment Committee of Bharatpur Metropolitan, Chairman of Wards 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, Ward Members of Wards 4, 15, 16, Public Affairs and Communications Manager of Bottlers Nepal Terai Limited, Bikram KC and representative from Ex- Gurkha Services were present.

The participants of the meeting discussed and agreed upon the following measures:

  1. Waste segregation program should be conducted in every ward/ tole
  2. Installation of waste collection centres at different sites
  3. Capacity development training should be organized primarily for women about reuse of plastic waste
  4. Waste handling training should be conducted
  5. Awareness raising training to waste workers on the impact of waste on human health

The meeting successfully concluded with agreement on collaboration, coordination and mutual fund sharing in future with Bharatpur Metropolitan City Office and Wards/ Tole.

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