Panel Discussion on “Role of Youth in Combating Climate Change”

By Suvechchha Chapagain
Sep 15, 2019

The second chapter of Hamro Pariyavaran, a talk series on environment was organized by Nepali Youth Environment Coalition (NYEC) at Khwopa College, Dekocha, Bhaktapur on 30 August 2019 on the theme "Role of Youth in Combating Climate Change". The discussion was moderated by a young climate activist, Ms. Pramisha Thapaliya where Mr. Rajan Thapa, Country Representative of Clean Air Asia, Mr. Praveen Kumar Regmi, Faculty at Department of Environment Science, TU and Ms. Bindu Bhandari, a veterinarian doctor and environmentalist served as speakers.

Mr. Rajan Thapa, with an experience of representing Nepalese youth on climate action both at national and international level, gave the audience a walk-through on climate action that has been carried in the country so far and stressed on the need of collective youth action in order to keep the future generation from facing the wrath of climate change. Similarly, Mr. Regmi highlighting our daily activities that contribute to climate change added that the achievements made so far were just the beginning and there is so much to be done to ensure a safely inhabitable Earth for the future generation.

 “As an aware youth, we should have eyes for opportunities in the times of most severe crisis and work on it to help ourselves and the environment”, said Ms. Bindu Bhandari who has also represented Nepal in the international forums and have been recognized for effort on the international level. She explained how environmental science is a multi-dimensional science and people from all walks of like can play a role to combat climate change. After series of discussion, the talk show concluded with a Q & A round where the topics of cutting down of trees for road expansion and airport construction, controlling the use of single-use plastic products and going vegetarian to combat climate change were discussed.

The first chapter of the series was held at Uniglobe College, Baneswor. The title of the first episode was ‘Urbanization” and “Sustainable Development Goals”. The organizers are planning to conduct a total of 12 episodes on the talk series where the youths from a different school, colleges and various walks of life will come together to learn and share on the topic of our shared environment.

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