Occupational Safety Training and Health Camp 2022 incepted

By Thinley Doma Ghale
Feb 17, 2022

CREASION initiated Recycler Saathi 3.0 with an Occupational Safety Training and Health Camp for waste workers of बुढानिलकण्ठ महिला मञ्च दुवारा सञ्चलित हरितनगर आबियन with the support of The Coca-Cola Foundation Nepal and Bottler’s Nepal Limited.

The program started with a short and brief introduction of the waste workers and the CREASION team, followed by a short briefing on occupational safety led by Pratik Bajracharya and Monica Khadka. The training also included a health checkup for the waste workers by Dr. Sandesh Ghimire, the medical consultant who conducted a thorough check-up of the waste workers present in the facility.

The training session consisted of demonstrations such as proper ways to wash hands, removing gloves, and in case of any emergencies, how to use a fire extinguisher. The waste collection center was presented with a bucket, fire extinguisher, shovel, and safety helmets for safety measures in case of a fire hazard. Individual waste workers were provided with safety gears such as masks, gloves, shoes, and safety suits work in dumping sites and landfills and are exposed to different types of waste materials that could harm them. Along with that, they were also provided with safety jackets, T-shirts, and shoes.

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