Monitoring of WWERP starts in full swing

By Avipsha Rayamajhi
Jun 19, 2020

Phase I of Waste Workers Emergency Relief Project (WWERP) successfully concluded in Kathmandu on June 10, 2020. WWERP was initially started with the aim of enhancing the lives of waste workers in the wake of COVID-19 and the lockdown. Although the initial part of the project i.e. distribution of relief and awareness sessions have come to an end, the project’s long-term goal to bring change in the lives of waste workers is still ongoing.  In regard to this, the team has started conducting monitoring sessions at various project sites.


In the monitoring sessions, the team has been consulting with the beneficiaries who received relief materials as part of WWERP project. The beneficiaries have been questioned about the quality of the ration received as well as the usability of the safety gears and awareness sessions. For the first monitoring session on June 16, 2020, waste workers of Kirtipur who received relief materials in facilitation of Blue Waste to Value as part of the WWERP Project a few weeks back were consulted. For the second monitoring session on June 18, 2020, waste workers of Satungal, Singhadurbar,Dhalku, and Balkhu were consulted.

The team had a thorough feedback session with the beneficiaries and it was very encouraging to receive their positive responses. They were particularly thankful for the awareness sessions and medical materials provided to them. The women beneficiaries had made use of the dignity kit that included reusable sanitary pads and were positive about its usefulness. We have also noted their constructive feedback and will work on it to strengthen our support to them.

The monitoring sessions for beneficiaries of other sites is still in continuation.

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