Mental Health Matters

By Suvechchha Chapagain
Jul 03, 2019

Volunteer for Change (VFC) hosted a session on “Youth and Mental Health” with Mr. Jagganath Lamichhane, a Mental Health Expert and Executive Director of CREASION, as a speaker on 2 July 2019. The session, held at CREASION head office, was aimed at increasing the participants’ understanding of mental health and debunking the stigma attached to mental health in our societies.

As title of the session itself suggests, Lamichhane explained the participants about the actors and factors responsible for the decline in the mental well-being of average youths and highlighted some techniques of stress-handling and balanced life. Both the participants and speaker got involved in a meaningful discussion where they shared their experiences and knowledge relating to mental health. Lastly, the two-hour long session ended with the participants confessing their take-away from the event.

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