Leadership and Public Speaking Workshop at 5 Colleges of Kathmandu

By Kusumsheela Bhatta
Mar 17, 2020

Concerning the need of Leadership and Public Speaking traits for undergraduate students, a one day workshop was organized in 5 colleges of Kathmandu- K and K College, Navodit College, Santowna College, Triton College and Times College from 2nd to 18th March 2020. The sessions were led by Actor, Model and VJ, Ms.Nisha Adhikari in 3 Colleges and by Leadership Trainer and Miss Nepal Earth 2018, Ms. Priya Sigdel in 2 colleges of Kathmandu.Each session lasted from 2 to 3 hours incorporating brief introduction of CREASION and VFC, workshop given by our main speakers, along with fun and interactive activities and quizes.
At the end of the event, 270 participants benefited from our structured activities. The participants were able to learn the basic leadership skills and traits as well as the tips for public speaking which will be beneficial in their future, academic and professional pursuits. The participants were also able to attain a direction for their career development by listening to the experiences of individuals from our leadership trainers.

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