Induction Session to Volunteer for Change, Bharatpur Cohort

By Pranav Raj Regmi
May 19, 2022

An induction session was formally conducted to the volunteers of Bharatpur Cohort at CREASION’s Regional Office in Bharatpur, Chitwan. The main agenda of this induction was to welcome new Volunteers and give brief overview of Volunteer for Change (VFC), familiarize the mission, vision, and goals of Volunteer for Change (VFC), and celebrate the spirit of volunteerism. The first session was conducted by Ms. Sushila Shrestha, Program Intern who gave a brief introduction to CREASION’s background and its mission, vision, and goals. The volunteers were introduced to Ms. Rammaya Shrestha, Regional Community Officer who briefed them about the ongoing projects of Recycler Saathi.

The second session was conducted by Ms. Sushila Shrestha, Program Intern where she presented “Know Your Plastics” a brief workshop about different types of plastics and their identification. The volunteers were then shown the process of baling polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Bottles to aware them of carbon emissions and how small actions can make a significant difference in the environment. The overall session was moderated by Mr. Pranav Raj Regmi, Youth Engagement Officer who concluded the session b showing the Volunteer for Change (VFC) annual plan and Volunteers Engagement Plan throughout the coming events.

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