How #Green Are You? online contest successfully concludes

By Sushmita Karki
Mar 05, 2021

CREASION organized an online photo contest, ‘How #GREEN Are You?’, based on the theme of sustainable living where participants were encouraged to showcase on how are they incorporating sustainable practices in their daily lives.

Initiated on 24th February 2021, the contest aimed to motivate people towards a conscious and better living. The contest successfully accumulated a total of 20 entries that covered different areas of sustainability over a period of 4 weeks. CREASION collaborated with Kathmandu Organics, Leklekk: The Green Wave, and Canaveda Institute Nepal to create an eco-friendly gift hamper for the winning entry. A judging panel was created for winner selection that comprised of Founders of respective companies along with CREASION’s Program Manager.

CREASION witnessed remarkable entries that touched different spectrums and levels of sustainability like reusing, recycling, upcycling that addresses issues like waste management, single-use plastic, natural resource scarcity, air pollution, deforestation and much more.

Under this initiative, Recycler Saathi also organized a webinar with speakers from contest’s judging panel that explored the concept of sustainability through different lenses; individual, household, communal, and organizational.

In coordination with the judging panel, Subekchya Bastakoti, was selected as the contest’s winner. The winning entry represented diverse areas of sustainable practices; minimalistic lifestyle, reusing, recycling, restoring green space, and utilizing resources available at hand.

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