Green initiatives felicitated with How Green Are You?

By Sushila Shrestha
Mar 15, 2022

#How Green are you? 2022 was launched by CREASION and Recycler Saathi to encourage self-awareness in consumers regarding sustainable practices as well as celebrate local and individual level efforts to sustainability. More than 40+ participants from all over Nepal took part in this initiative and showcased their individual efforts to achieve a sustainable future. The initiative was sponsored and supported by leading eco-business ventures in Nepal like Leklekk, Dhaasoo, Ecosathi Nepal, Samsara Creation, and Deego Nepal.

A webinar was conducted on March 15th, 2022 to formally conclude the How Green are you contest. The keynote speakers for the webinar were leading eco-entrepreneurs of Nepal representing various eco-business ventures.

  • Ms. Yajaswi Rai, Founder of Leklekk Nepal.
  • Kushal Achhami, CEO and Co-Founder of Samsaara Creation.
  • Ms. Rajani Gurung, Co-founder and Operations Manager of Deego Nepal.


The highlights of the webinar were:

  • Insightful sharing between the participants and our keynote speakers regarding Nepal’s green business market, sustainability issues, and personal experiences towards sustainability.
  • Winner announcement of How Green Are You? Contest by our judges.
  • Celebration of all the entries by featuring collages of all the participants.


The webinar concluded with a speech from our winner, Ms. Shreejana Bajracharya. Here’s a video link for the webinar broadcast live on the official Facebook page of CREASION.

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