Experiential Learning successfully conducted at Kakani from 7 to 8 March

By Kusumsheela Bhatta
Mar 07, 2020

A two days one night event of Experiential Learning has been successfully completed from 7 to 8 March at Kakani with a total of 27 Participants. The event mainly focused on team building and leadership skills through fun and interactive games, promotion of mindfulness, active listening, adventure sports and self-reflection. The event was conducted in partnership with Sherpa Khangri Outdoor Private Limited. 

The participants got a chance of networking with new people as they were from diverse backgrounds and field. A sense of mindfulness and relaxation along with a feeling of connectivity to the nature was experienced by the participants. The games promoted leadership and team building skills as well as the importance of active listening. Activities like wall climbing and camp building promoted the importance of physical activities and exercises in the life of learners for their overall health and well-being. The participants had to survive in the wilderness with minimal resources which will later aid them in the conditions like disaster or emergency situations. 

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