Empowering The Youth For Employment

By Suvechchha Chapagain
Aug 07, 2019

Volunteer for Change (VFC) organized the 2nd Chapter of Empower+ at Nepal Institute of Health Sciences (Stupa College) from 28 July 2019 to 30 July 2019 in collaboration with Public Health Students’ Circle, NIHS.

Thirty seven public health students from Stupa College and Little Buddha College of Health Sciences attended the workshop where our trainers, Ms. Kribina Pathak, Knowledge Management and Research Officer at Nepal Water Conservation Foundation, Mr. Rajan Koirala, Chief Business Officer at edusanjal and Mr. Nitish Raj Pathak, Public Speaking Mentor at Orators’ House provided them with the training on Report Writing, CV and Cover Letter Writing and Public Speaking Session respectively.

The workshop started with Report Writing Session where Kribina Pathak acquainted the participants with the styles, formats, and purpose of Report Writing and made everyone prepare a report of a demo panel discussion. Similarly, Nitish Raj Pathak provided participants with the techniques to cope with their stage-fright and explained ways to draft a good and captivating speech.

Finally, the three-day workshop concluded with CV and Cover Letter Writing Session where Rajan Koirala highlighted the requirements for good CV and encouraged everyone to prepare their complete CV and Cover Letter and provided tips and techniques to face a job interview.

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