Educators Present Possible Ways for Education Transformation

By Abish Man Shakya
Jan 24, 2022

On the occasion of International Day of Education 2022 on January 24, CREASION and Volunteer for Change organized an education webinar titled ‘Changing Course, Transforming Education’--also the theme of this day--bringing in professionals with great experience working in education. The theme focused on changes through education and a need for significant transformation in education. Furthermore, the theme focused on building relationships with each other, nature, and adapting to technology.

For the program, we had 6 speakers who spoke on various themes. They were:

1. Niharika Mainali, Changing Stories Nepal
Remedial Education to Mitigate Learning Loss

2. Krishna Kumar K.C., Teach for Nepal
Academic Gap, Education Access and Educational Aspiration

3. Bhawana Shrestha, My Emotions Matter
Embracing Vulnerability and Championing Empathy for Transformative Learning

4. Binod Shahi, Sir of the Himalayas
Making Rural Education Accessible

5. Vikram Upadhyay, CREASION
Issues Around Public Education in Nepal

6. Mahabir Pun, National Innovation Centre
Innovation in Education

Over the course of an hour, each speaker briefly talked about their involvement and experiences in education, the problems in education, and possible solutions or way forward for transforming education in Nepal.

Here’s a Live video link of the program broadcasted on Facebook:

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