Day 2 of Occupational Safety Training and Health Camp

By Thinley Doma Ghale
Feb 20, 2022

On the second day, CREASION team conducted an Occupational Safety Training and Health Camp for waste workers of आर. पी. रिसाइकल संकलन तथा व्यस्वथापन and हलेसी सुवास कलेशन सेन्टर with the support of The Coca-Cola Foundation Nepal and Bottler’s Nepal Limited.

Over 25 waste workers were given training, safety gear, and a health check-up through a medical officer at the site. The occupational safety training included a session to provide instructions to the waste workers on how to properly use safety amenities such as safety gear - shoes, gloves, mask, reflector jacket and cap, first aid, dignity kits, and fire extinguishers, workplace etiquette, and basic hygiene awareness.

The scrap centers were also equipped with safety amenities as a means to avoid workplace risks. In addition to that, as an awareness tool, infographics with the name of the scrap center and basic safety protocols were also provided at each location.

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