By Creasion
Jul 21, 2016

Have you ever tried to find a place where you can take your first step into knowing how working actually feels like? Some place where you can gather handfuls of experiences which will help you later in life; but the only offers you see are the ones where you already need a certain amount of experience. If the only opportunities available are the ones that require a minimum “some time” worth of experience, where and how do you ever start?

The term “youth” may differ from country to country, as for Nepal the ages ranging from 15-29 are considered as youths. If we follow this definition we come up with the fact that about 30% of the entire population consists of youths. That is nearly half of the economically independent population.

One of the main reasons that pushes youths towards unemployment is poverty and lack of proper education which forces them to start working from an early age. These problems mostly are seen in the rural areas. Whatever the condition maybe, if anyone starts working from a young age they will not have enough time to gain the right amount of skills to get good jobs and will have to work mostly at places which give the opportunity for labor work.

As for the more developed areas of the country the main problem seems to be that there are too many people who are skilled, resulting in unemployment as well as underemployment. Not everyone will be able to find a job or an opportunity which would be suitable for their abilities. Making it one of the greatest reasons why majority of the youths decide to go abroad and stay there, without a second thought to ever return.

It’s a shame to see the future of our country either settling for 3D jobs or staying unemployed because they cannot find any place which would help them flourish. There are so many ways in which our country can choose to develop and so many areas they can find to work on. Wouldn’t it be amazing if those parts of our country weren’t overlooked and were actually dealt with? So why not take the initiative to make our country better. Even when we decide to study abroad, why not come back and start something on your own. Even though it is scary, the shot maybe definitely worth it.

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