World NGO Day 2021

By Sushmita Karki
Feb 27, 2021

Non-governmental and civil society organizations have been strengthening social and civic goals through involvement in extensive array of sectors like education, health, environment, social equality, agriculture, poverty alleviation, and much more. The foundation of such entities have been significant to address social and legal issues globally.

In the context of Nepal, the establishment of NGOs date back to as early as 1950. NGOs in Nepal have driven social and political changes on wide and local levels, to develop and support communities. One the major dynamic functions and contribution to community development is the emergency response initiatives of NGOs. The unpredicted impacts of COVID-19 halted several communities, sectors, and blazed existing issues in Nepal, and we witnessed NGOs’ commendable COVID-19 response through strong adaption and resilience.

On the occasion of World NGO Day 2021, we acknowledge the relentless efforts and contributions of social organizations and groups for emergency response initiatives during and post pandemic.

Volunteer Corps Nepal (VCN), a humanitarian and development NGO, conducted COVID-19 School Safety, First Aid, and Livelihood Program that focused on educating school children about precautions and safety measures for COVID-19 in Saptari. Sano Paila, a community-based organization, commenced a robust COVID-19 response project that provided meals, hygiene kits, and ration supplies to marginalized communities and families. Moreover, Sano Paila also established border rest centers for returnee migrants and isolation centers for COVID-19 patients in Birgunj and Janakpurdham. 100’s group, a social club established by humanitarian volunteers, conducted food, medical supplies, and safety gears relief distribution to communities hit by COVID-19.

Established in 2005, CREASION Nepal thrives to strengthen social welfare and community development by prioritizing three pillars of sustainability; economic, social, and environmental. Under CREASION’s COVID-19 response, we initiated Waste Workers Emergency Relief Project (WWERP) with support from The Coca-Cola Foundation, which aimed to ensure the safety and well-being of waste workers by providing safety awareness trainings and relief distribution of food, safety gears, and medications during the pandemic. WWERP successfully reached out to 3212 waste workers and positively impacted more than 16060 beneficiaries in 18 districts of Nepal.

Aanand Mishra, Founder and President, CREASION Nepal, “By undertaking the role of implementers, partners, and catalysts, Non-governmental Organizations bridge the temporary gap between state and society with a dynamic modality to deliver aid in accordance with pre-existent and contemporary issues”.

CREASION stands at the fore-front to provide relief and support during any crisis in Nepal. Our Emergency Disaster Response Program is a standby initiative for response, recovery, and reconstruction for any type of disaster. Likewise, from natural to man-made disasters, contributions of numerous NGOs in catastrophic situations has abetted to rebuild our communities.

On World NGO Day, we encourage everyone to become more actively involved in the NGO sector and foster a greater symbiosis between stakeholders; public, volunteers, private sector, educational institutions, and government through impactful collaboration and partnerships.

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