Why Volunteer?

By Abish Man Shakya
Aug 23, 2021

UN Youth classifies youth as young people between the age of 15 to 24. At this age, young people are still growing physically and mentally, getting new ideas and shaping thoughts that eventually shape their life. Without responsibilities on their shoulder, it is an opportunity to explore, experiment, and experience the essence of life.

The youths have great energy and vigor. They are restless and look for ways to harness the energy and put them in good use. Given the right platform, they can do wonders but have every change of a misdirection. At this time, it is crucial that we engage youths in activities that are useful and meaningful. The right platform will develop compassion in the youth that will learn that the world is not only their but one that they share. To ability to empathize is crucial for young people to become sensible citizens of the future.

At this age, learning should be the priority of youths. Despite education being the primary driving force for their development, it comes with limitations that are dependent on infrastructures and resources available at schools. The additional experience to develop themselves as youth come from the experiences outside the classroom. The youths require exposure to develop communication and leadership skills, and the confidence to immerse in the real world. One such great opportunity is volunteerism.

Based on the values of altruism, volunteering is an opportunity to provide invaluable service to the community and serve selflessly. A volunteer dedicates their energy and time to a cause genuinely with the sheer purpose of helping people. There is nothing in volunteering except for the joy they bring to the faces of people by putting someone else’s needs above yours.

By volunteering, we are not waiting for someone else to bring the change but acting with compassion to bring the change we envision. Society has many problems and could use a helping hand. It could be helping someone cross the road or planting trees, but whatever you are doing, you are working as an individual dedicated to serve the collective and the community.

One may ask: Why should we volunteer? We should volunteer because we are human and it is our moral obligation to make our world a better place tomorrow than it is today. Adults maybe busy with their commitments but youths have expendable time to solve many problems that simply need a helping hand. And after all, youth is period of transition from a dependent young person to an independent adult and altruism is one such important value that youths should learn so that they can become responsible adults in the future.

There is always be a need for volunteers in our communities and it is an opportunity that every youth should take. After all, volunteerism instills the values of compassion in the youth to work on a better tomorrow. Without volunteers, there would be chaos in times of disaster and any public event. Without volunteers, it would be difficult to carry out communal activities. To bring a sense of belongingness and order in society, we wouldn’t be able to make do without it.

For those who have finished high school and haven’t graduated, volunteering is a great opportunity to make the most out of their leisure time to really connect with the community. If you aren’t involved in anything at the moment, keep an eye out for volunteering opportunities.

The world needs a hero and you can be one!

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