By Lunswan Tuladhar
Nov 23, 2017

Is strength holding on when there’s nothing to hold on to? Or is it letting it out for what it is? Or is it expression in the form that makes you feel relieved? Or is it a physical release or exercise of some sort? For me, it is many things. It is me trying to deal with it on my own first.

If I fail, then strength means accepting that I am a human and that I can’t keep it altogether all the time. Then I ask for help from my people and my surroundings. That is something I call real courage because for me, asking for help is very difficult. But sometimes, my people aren’t around. And not letting myself be down at the moment is a strength for me. And not letting a guard build up because of it is a strength for me. Think about it, how do you forget all the good things because of this one unfortunate thing?

Is it even fair? But on second thoughts, don’t you stop asking for help because this let down one person at a time, builds a wall in you? This train of thoughts is exactly what I conquer, though this process is always a work of improvisation, and is always going on. This is a strength for me. Training my brain to give a chance to people because they are humans is a strength for me. They are humans and so are you. They can make mistakes and so can you. You try and you fail. You fail and you try again, that is how you get up and learn. Being able to practice this is a strength for me. Being able to decide that I will be the better one, no matter how superficial it appears to be is a strength for me.

Because at the end of the day, being able to take care of what I require, how I require it, as I balance what is appropriate and what is okay to let go of; isn’t that what builds you? Isn’t that what strength is? So, what makes YOU strong?

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