Travel and New Experience

By Thinley Doma Ghale
Jan 17, 2022

As the cool air crisps in the wind, the cold winter gives wake to reality. The mountains so ever clear and the white snow covering--makes it look like a dream.

The traveling started from the laps of the Himalayas in Pokhara where all of us were excited for the trip on Christmas. Walking beside the lakeside, experiencing bonfires, and sharing experiences with newer faces was exquisite.

From the laps of the Himalayas, we traveled to the flatlands of the Terai. The warm weather greeted us without much harshness from the cool crispy air from the Himalayas. The main objective of the trip to Chitwan was to interact with the children of Waste Smart Schools and youths of Volunteer for Change.

It was so mesmerizing to see the knowledge and passion the children had for the plantation—and they made excellent gardeners. These young beings having a strong dignified relationship with the Earth was a surprise to someone who grew up in the concrete jungles of Kathmandu. It made me realize the importance of being grounded and connected to nature.

Children and youths have always inspired me. Interacting with the children of Waste Smart School, I reminisced my school days: the early teenage, naughtiness, but mostly the time and passion to discover, and enthusiasm to learn more about the world.

Curious as a bean, the interaction started off with a session of introductions and team-building games, followed by tree plantation. The knowledge these children had and the strength they carried was something I could learn from and I have lived all my life in the city.

It was a new experience: the effort needed for digging, the life-giving elements of manure, and the optimum village life were all new aspects to grow. Moreover, it made me realize that the food we eat and the vegetables sold in the markets are forms of love and appreciation from the farmers.

It showed a whole new world on living—even the smallest things take a lot of time, appreciation, and love to gather and grow. As my mother always says, “Children are the world’s best teachers. Their imagination and views open a new dimension to the people learning and gaining knowledge from them.”

Similarly, the youths of Chitwan made an eye-opening impact on learning how to be humble and grounded, that the simple things in life are most precious. Interacting with the Volunteer for Change Chitwan was a new experience.

Along with that, an interactive session of a mock election was conducted by the iCAP team. With limited knowledge of politics, it showcased the importance of voting and voting the right way. The session was pretty eventful which was informative and a fun experience.

Overall, my 2021 ended on a good term with wonderful experiences and a grateful heart.

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