By Ayasma Tuladhar
Aug 08, 2016

I thought I’d write about youths since its International Youth Day on August 12, Friday. We youths have tremendous capacity and the willingness to empower. Primarily, in this day and age of the internet, social media plays a significant role in the participation of youths for social work. People have more information about the different programs going on around them through Facebook events and Instagram posts. This leads to more participation in such events. I mean everybody must have heard of/gone to at least one cycle rally, flash mob, fundraising program or even blood donations done by various organizations for different issues prevalent in the society.

However, in spite of the advances in youth participation, there is a setback in the development of the country as a whole because of high migration rates. Relatively larger proportions of the overall migration population are young migrants. All our efforts are being wasted abroad as we are losing young and able human resources as well as highly skilled workers. The lack of education, as well as job opportunities in Nepal, will indefinitely lead to youths lacking the motivation to study here or come back from studying abroad to work here.

Nonetheless, that’s for the lucky ones who do get the opportunity to go abroad. There are so many youths who don’t get to go to school due to extreme poverty. As a result of the lack of investment in education and health sectors and the political instability of our country, there are still so many capable youths who don’t even get an opportunity to realize their potential. The condition of our country has relatively improved but we have a long way to go as so many people are still living below the poverty level in dire conditions. Specifically, after the devastating earthquake and the recent floods and landslides, so many people have been displaced, their houses destroyed and lives lost.

This might sound very cliché but we are the leaders of tomorrow and it is us who make Nepal greater. We were nourished in this very country for so many years and it’s our duty to give back what little we can. Youths who do go abroad should come back and try to create opportunities lacking in this country because our country needs our help now more than ever.

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