By Creasion
Jul 30, 2019

If there’s a thing I’ve learned in my life, it’s not to be afraid of taking responsibilities and challenges that come with caring for other people. And it’s a sacred place when you actually get to embrace your learnings and principals. I found CREASION where my strength was explored in an innovative way and I had the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone. I remember the day where we were unknown about what will happen because meeting with Ma’am was inspiring as well as frightening.

We initially brainstormed to get factual answers asked by her. From that day, I knew days were going to be challenging and not easy. I believe work can only be completed when one shows courage and hard work, and we volunteer proved it by doing one of the challenging and trending Trash Tag Challenge.

I am inspired by the way CREASION pushed me into new work. Volunteering is all about reflecting one’s compassion, unselfish and caring nature, patience and love to one another. Throughout all the sessions and workshop such as Mental Health, Empower+, SDG workshop, Self-Defense, I gained awareness about various issues which motivated me to develop different skills for spinning my own wheels in the near future. I am very thankful to the whole team of CREASION for providing me a golden opportunity and making me capable enthusiastic, conscious and diligent person from an introvert human.

Thank you to whole CREASION team for all your effort, support and immense love that you have been showering till now. Thank you for everything.

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