By Radhika Halder
Nov 18, 2018

My time at CREASION has indeed been remarkable. It is impossible for me to do justice to it through this write-up but I’ll give it a try.

When I moved to Nepal, I was fascinated by the country’s rich landscapes and diverse culture. I was also slightly embarrassed to have been living so close (in India) for many years and never having explored this country before. Personally, I love to understand the history, culture and the geopolitical situation of any new country that I visit and it was no different when I arrived in Nepal. Eventually, I decided to work in the development sector that would equip me with such knowledge and understanding in a way that text books never could. This is how I joined CREASION and I could not be more grateful to have done so.

As this was my first time working in Nepal, and that too in the development sector, there was a lot that was new and different for me. On joining CREASION, I instantly felt like I found a second home, perhaps like an extended family that helped me integrate culturally and professionally in no time. The warmth that everyone greets you with in this office is truly unique and what I value most about my time here. Moreover, one is always given space here to work on their own and take pride in the projects that they lead. This is once again, not a very common trait in work spaces today.

While at CREASION, I worked on several projects ranging from women empowerment to youth entrepreneurship, as well as developing a new website and help coordinate events to raise awareness on crucial social causes such as mental health, women safety, and many others. I also participated in workshops and outdoor activities that helped give me the right balance of practical knowledge and learning, necessary for the work that I was assigned as Lead – Project Development Unit. I believe that the range of work that I was involved with in CREASION has helped me develop and nurture a set of skills that will forever stay with me. As my time here is coming to an end, I know that this is not where our association ends as I will be involved with activities and work from time to time with CREASION and pay visits to this little family I have gained in Nepal.

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