By Sambida Wagle
Dec 21, 2021

Working as a volunteer for VFC through CREASION has been amazing so far and I’m sure this feeling will remain the same forever. Volunteerism is a great concept in itself and with VFC it’s a cherry on top. VFC gives the finest opportunities that contribute a lot to your well-being and I am not an exception. That feeling when you contribute your best effort for the betterment of society is unexplainable.

It’s been only a month and I have already met with some incredible personalities who have taught me the pure essence of life; how our daily activities affect the environment, society and the way that I look upon certain things have definitely changed. I’ve been upping my social interaction. This is also majorly possible because of our amazing team which has a blend of ample active and creative minds. Since everyone here is senior to me, I’ve been getting a lot of guidance due to which I’ve been aware of many things and their advice shall help me forever. All in all, this is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life and I am super proud of myself.

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