Jul 29, 2018

Dear Nepalis,

Not to come off as hostile, but what happened to the passion and drive that you showed in posting “Nepal will rise again” pictures just a year back in reference to the April-May earthquakes that brought Nepal crashing down onto its knees. What happened to the sympathy you showered your social media news feeds with? The number of clothes you donated out of empathy? The statuses, the tweets, the news bulletins shared? Have they turned into lame complaints about the government’s inability to take action?

For the past two weeks now, my newsfeed has seen large traffic of its posts by international news agencies shed light on the pitiful state of our country’s reconstruction programs. But I think we’d all expected the result of a government-based program that was so heavily funded. So that’s not where the disappointment stems from. Not the local disappointment at least.

The ‘problem’ right now seems to be the lack of local – and by that, I mean Nepali, not just based on your geographical proximity – support in the ongoing reconstruction programs being conducted by private NGO’s like Creasion itself. While a few volunteers may pop up from time to time, people arrive on-site only if their friends are coming or if they are promised community service hours. That is the compassionate approach that Nepalis have with regards to helping their own brothers and sisters. That is the attitude that has left us lacking in stark comparison with many drastically developing countries.

But the easiest way out is to casually push our responsibilities aside and blame the government. Which as reliable as it is in making use of its enormous amount of funds, is not the only body you should be pointing your fingers at (although four fingers would always be pointing in the right direction) when the blame for a recovery period not up to expectations is brought into the light by media.

So I’m not going to bring up what needs to be done now. That should be a common understanding. It should reflect the passion shown in the posts on your timeline from April through June. And if you don’t know where to start, google it, ask your friends, but act on your words. Try to help fulfil your pledge to rise again and we will. If you want to make a difference in the lives of these earthquake-affected villagers, come join us, or any other NGO supporting the cause in making sure Nepal stands tall for once.

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