By Ayashma Tuladhar
Sep 10, 2016

To celebrate the International First Aid Day, we, the VFC Team, accompanied by Mr. Krishna Sharma , in charge of the nearby health post went to Burunchuli to spread awareness on the importance of giving proper first aid which was conducted for the upper grades and a hand washing program targeted for the lower grades of Shree Bhimsen Madhyamik School, Burunchuli, lalitpur . Around 100 eager to learn and enthusiastic students showed up for the programs.

We started moving early in the morning at around 8 from the office. It was a very rainy day and we were all drowsy and wanted to snuggle inside our beds with a cup of coffee but once we had a quick breakfast break we were all energized. We reached Burunchuli at around 11 and started the program at around 11:30. We started with the hand wash program for kids by teaching them step by step ways to not only wash their hands for the sake of washing hands but to kill germs.
The second part of our program started at around 1:30. We conducted the first aid program for children above grade 5. The children were taught temporary ways to take care of injuries when the hospital maybe too far away.

At the end of the program the principal of the school Mr. Aatma Ram Ghimire spoke a little bit about what he felt about the program and some words from his point of view. CREASION also gave them a box of materials that could be used for sanitation which included objects such a disinfectants, toilet cleaning brushes etc.
Both programs were led by Mr. Krishna and VFC program Officer. It was an enriching sessions and we received positive feedback from the kids which was our main aim.

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