How to Manage Household Waste?

By Pratik Bajracharya
Feb 18, 2022

 Here are 5 tips for effective waste management at home.

At home, we can help in decreasing plastic waste by following ways that can be followed by anyone, regardless of their location.

  1. First things first, support the option of recycling. Some of the plastic waste can be recycled easily, and you will find many ways to send your household waste to different plants. Various online platforms such as Khalisisi, Doko Recyclers, and Kabaadi are at your doorstep. Thulo Kawadi arranges for pickups in areas and pays according to the market rate. Itinerant buyers in the cycle also visit the neighborhood on a weekly basis to collect recyclables.
  2. Refuse plastic bags while shopping and prefer to use reusable bags as much as you can. If you use the same bag more than a few times, you are reducing a good amount of plastic that’s added to landfills every other day.
  3. Try to use products that are made from recycled plastic. This will help and support companies that deal in such products and will be a big boost to waste management in general.
  4. In most cases, people buy food products packed in plastic jars and packets, which is again something that can be skipped with more careful choices. You will find most products in glass jars, which are reusable and can be utilized for other things at home. It’s high time to take waste management seriously and start it from home.
  5. Avoid double-packaged products wherever you can. Bulk packaging often uses more plastic and wrapped papers and can be skipped easily.

If you are careful enough, you can reduce some of the most common plastic wastes that are being dumped in landfills and even in rivers regularly. It takes collaborative effort to do good things, and you can take the first leap to inspire others.

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