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We believe in and strive to achieve the same through our interventions as part of Volunteer for Change project. VFC boasts of a large network of international and national volunteers in Nepal. We provide young people with a variety of internship and voluntary opportunities and want to create a society of passionate youth and professionals from different walks of life.

VFC involves passionate and innovative youth to bring visible and sustainable changes to the community. Through VFC, we welcome young minds who bring their fresh and enthusiastic energy and approaches to CREASION and in return gain practical knowledge and experience in a culturally diverse and naturally rich country like Nepal.

  • How can we be a part of Volunteer for Change (VFC)?

    Our door is always open for anybody who wants to work as a volunteer with us. To be a part of VFC, just send us an email at with a short expression of interest on why you would like to volunteer at CREASION. We will contact you shortly with additional details.

  • What are the activities that one would require to do as a volunteer?

    More than assigning our volunteers with certain tasks, we believe in providing them with a free space to introduce their own projects and small activities in line with our working areas. Volunteers can plan and pitch us ideas about projects that interest them and we will support them to materialize it into action. Besides, volunteers are also our valuable assets in every ongoing project and we make sure they have ample learning opportunities to sharpen their skills as well as put their knowledge into action. All in all, VFC is a holistic platform for volunteers where they choose to engage in ongoing projects or have a free hand in implementing small projects and activities of their interests that benefit the community.

  • Are there any specific time limitations for volunteers?

    We do not have very strict policies for our volunteers. You can set your own timeline but would be required to complete your plan of action that you present to us

  • What are the major programs that have been organised trough Volunteer for Change?

    Our volunteers have teamed up with us to organize impactful programs in the past. Some of the most influential projects under VFC are- Debunking Myths, Hamro Cycle Yatra, Asian Tree of the Year, International Volunteering Program, Empower+ and Youth Entrepreneur Program.

  • Are the projects still in operation?

    We have given continuity to Empower+ and Asian Tree of the Year for now. However, plans to continue other projects are underway and we hope to bring them into operation soon.

  • How do these projects run?

    Most of our projects run in collaboration and partnership with different stakeholders such as the government, corporations, schools, colleges and local communities. We love to connect with new institutions and build ideas for better activities and their impacts.

Our Impacts



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VFC Programs

Volunteer For Change



A bridge for young students to their career


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Youth Participants

The Challenge

In 2017/18, the unemployment rate among youth was found to be 21.4% which was 10% more than the national average of 11.4%. Despite 5.6 million youth population between 15-24 years, 2 million were not in employment, education or training. The statistics indicate a major lag between the human resource present in Nepal and our inability to engage them in a better way. CREASION identifies the serious lack of exposure to and change of job opportunities among young citizens in general. To address this need, Empower+ was launched.

The Intervention

Empower+ is an effort for the youth that provides them with necessary skills and trainings required to enter the work force and start their professional career. Through Empower+, VFC hosts a series of trainings, workshops and hand-on sessions for students to help them learn skills that complements their college education. We aim to be able to provide youth with the right mentorship and trainings that will be instrumental for them to create a future that they desire.

The Process

Empower+ is spread over a total of three days with meticulously planned training programs as per the need of the young students. The standard Empower+ training sessions consist of CV and Cover Letter Writing, Report Writing, Microsoft Office Package, Interview Tips and Techniques and Email Etiquette. The trainings sessions are also accompanied by experience sharing by professionals along with personality development class by experts. The sessions are customised according the to the need, request and proficiency of the students on the selected programs.

Besides the three- day program, we have also introduced a one-day Empower+ session which is basically a 2-3 hours long experience sharing style workshops about topics ranging from leadership to public speaking.


Volunteer For Change

Debunking Myths

Debunking Myths

Redefining the society




Myth Debunked


Speakers Presented



The Challenge

The society tends to form stereotypes, internalize them and inject them in the minds and hearts of people. When the society presents us with an idea or opinion about certain issues, rarely do we question it and tend to go along with the original perspective. This has created a lot of misconceptions on important issues and directly and indirectly also influenced our actions- often invoking a negative impact. Recognizing the prevalence of so many misinterpreted issues, CREASION launched Debunking Myths.

The Intervention

Debunking Myths does not point judgment passed in the history and in the present as right or wrong but simply wants to instigate a certain level of curiosity in the audience as to learn, explore and challenge the existing narrative. It is a series devoted towards bringing light into the myths that have been ingrained in our society and influenced our way of life and perceptions. It carefully chooses themes that have the ability to strike a conversation about misplaced issues and topics and debunk age-old myths that have dictated our lives and choices.

The Process

Debunking Myths decides on a theme that has been misinterpreted in the past and invites a panel of experts and keynote speakers who then go on to dissect the themes and enlighten the audience with a clear concept of the issue at discussion. If the themes pique the interest of the audience then we also conduct follow- up events to let our audience have a clear picture of the issue at hand.

Debunking Myths Episodes


An episode dedicated to understanding the value of money not just as a means of fulfilling our needs but its purpose and value beyond that.

Social Injustice

With the focus on women and their right to safety and self- expression, this episode focused on talking about social injustices in the society that we otherwise take for granted and do not question.

Compromise Culture

An episode dedicated to explore the impacts and consequences that comparison in different parameters entails in a person’s mental well- being.


The central theme of the episode revolved around uprooting the truths about marijuana established in our societies. The discussions that followed and interest piqued in the audience led to another episode around the same topic.

Climate Change

The episode focused on enforcing a sense of urgency towards the impacts of climate change and created a sense of awareness and accountability towards our surroundings.

Feminism Vs. Feminazism

The importance of balance while advocating for a cause we believe in and drawing a thin line between the approach of a feminist and a feminazi were explored.

Abortion Pro- Life Vs Pro- Choice

An interesting and relevant discussion based on demystifying the concerns and myth related to abortion and the false sense of wrong-doing associated to it.

Redefining Homemakers

An effort to acknowledge the contributions of homemakers and to redefine how they are perceived in the society.

Volunteer For Change

Hamro Cycle Yatra

Hamro Cycle Yatra

An effort dedicated to the contributions and sacrifices of waste workers


Youth Involved


Waste Workers Reached

The Challenge

The role of waste workers is often undermined in our society considering the nature of their profession. However, without their presence and their contribution, the environment and the society would fail to be in balance. It is important to recognize the contribution of our waste workers and provide them with respect and assistance. The perpetual injustice and lack of attention to their well- being is unfair to them as well as a risk for the environment and society. Hence, Hamro Cycle Yatra was launched as a means to acknowledge and show respect to the contributions of waste workers.

The Intervention

Hamro Cycle Yatra is an initiative to acknowledge the contributions of our sanitation workers who perform an important service in our society. It is a symbolic way to publicly thank our sanitation workers and bring their work in highlight for everybody to appreciate. The event consists of public acknowledgement through rally as well as health check-ups to ensure their well- being.

The Process

Hamro Cycle Yatra is organized on the occasion of the World Enviornment Day every year in the month of June. Volunteers, professionals from other fields gather together to participate in the rally which is joined by waste workers as well. The rally is accompanied by health check-up for the waste workers followed by other fun events.


Volunteer For Change

International Volunteering Program

International Volunteering Program (IVP)

Connective with the international community through the power of volunteerism 


Volunteers Reached




Projects Completed

The Challenge

Collaboration is the need of the hour and for that we need to push for cross- cultural cooperation and exposure. We cannot afford to be disconnected from the global world especially in this era of globalization. Cross- border volunteerism needs to be promoted as a means to not just allow the individual to receive exposure in an international setting but also allows to establish sound relationship among countries.

The Intervention

International Volunteering Program (IVP) is initiated as an effort to connect Nepal and its communities to the global world through international volunteers. The initiation of IVP has welcomed volunteers from all over the world in an attempt to narrow the gap between the Nepali and international community. The volunteers are responsible to assist the local communities in different development intervention with the skills and knowledge that they have while keeping the ethos and cultural values of the communities alive and respected.

The Process

IVP provides opportunities for volunteering, internship and cultural trips to our international counterparts. As volunteers, one can choose to work on different ongoing projects. Generally, international volunteers are included in projects located in remote areas of Nepal so that they can attain a glimpse of the local culture and traditions of Nepal.

Internship opportunities are provided to our volunteers according to their interest. Similarly, we make sure our IVP volunteers are exposed to culture and traditions that exist in Nepal.

Volunteers from

Building Back Better

Volunteer For Change

Tree of the Year Nepal

Tree of the Year Nepal

Bringing humans closer to nature and clarifying the concept of development

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Photograph Entries Received


TOYN Winners declared ATY winners

The Challenge

With increasing modernization and industrialization, humans seem to be getting more and more disconnected from the nature. Our concept of development is generally defined by high- rise buildings and high economic growth and in the midst of it, we have been jeopardizing the natural resources present around us and undermining their importance. Development cannot attain its true essence until and unless we find a balance between the economic and natural environment.

The Intervention

Tree of the Year Nepal was introduced as an initiative to make people realize the importance of biodiversity and the natural environment. It is an extension of the Asian Tree of the Year organized by Carbon Consulting Company (CCC), South Asia’s foremost provider in integrated sustainability services. Tree of the Year Nepal is affiliated to the Asian Tree of the Year and is a national contest that focuses on starting a conversation amongst the citizens on the importance of protecting trees and the importance to preserve biodiversity. As Nepal stands in the cross- roads of development, the contest aims to provide a clarity to the citizens on what should be prioritised in the path to achieving sustainable development.

The Process

Tree of the Year Nepal is basically a photography contest that welcomes photo entries of trees that have special histories. The photograph entries must be accompanied by a story pertaining to why the tree is of special significance. The judges evaluate the winners on the basis of not just the quality of the photograph but also on the basis of the significance of the tree and the entrant's portrayal of it to instigate the need to conserve biodiversity present around us.

Winning Entries

Rajib Kharel

Winner, Tree of the Year, Nepal

Binita Karki

Winner, Asian Tree of the Year

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