Thinley Wangchuk
Thinley Wangchuk

Thinley Wangchuk, a young cheerful guy worked as an intern at Creasion for three months while waiting for his approval for Mahindra United World College (MUWCI) in India. Thinley, a Rato Bangla graduate, devotedly worked with the Volunteer For Change team and mainly involved in Tree of The Year event where he handled the social media, raised funds and coordinated among the participants of the event.

He shares his experience below:

"The experience I had in Creasion was a great one. As soon as I started working in the organization the friendly staff immediately welcomed me with open arms. In Creasion I could freely express my opinions and ideas to all the members who helped me implement it into the projects. Creasion also helped me grow as a person both mentally and socially. Out of the many projects I did in Creasion the Asian Tree of the Year-Nepal is one which I think was the most interesting and enjoyable to do. All in all Creasion really helped me develop as a person and gain essential knowledge in life. It is one experience I will never forget".

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