A compassion- based community regrowth initiative to help displaced families and households

A compassion- based community regrowth initiative to help displaced families and households through a sustainable model.

RFC is a symbiotic rehabilitation model, where the beneficiaries are not just passive recipient but the active members, who envision, plan and implement the changes they wish to see in their communities. The primary strength of RFC model is its ability to imbibe the local ethos, technology and to innovate a unique and symbiotic working model.

  • When was Rebuild for Change (RFC) started?

    Rebuild for Change (RFC) is a compassion-based community regrowth initiative, which was born in the aftermath of the major earthquake and aftershock that hit Nepal on 25th April and 12th May 2015, respectively

  • What led to the initiation of Rebuild for Change (RFC)?

    We realized that despite the huge amount of international fund disbursement, many villages have not been reached by the national government and international organizations. This made us reflect on the need of a different type of approach to humanitarian aid, that has to start perceiving the communities as active actors of the reconstruction, and no longer as passive beneficiaries, as we believe that empowered and self-reliant communities will be less dependent on external funds.

  • What is the main aim of Rebuild for Change (RFC)?

    The aim of RFC is therefore to reach these ‘forgotten’ villages to bring a long-term sustainable and holistic approach to rehabilitation.

  • What are the three main aspects that RFC caters to?

    Rebuild for Change is a one of a kind projects that has successfully integrated technology, communal feeling and eco- sustainability. It activates and empowers the local community at every step by providing vocational trainings to them. The human resource of the local villages is also engaged in the process that ensures proper ownership of the landmark structure. Further, eco- sustainability is also prioritized in the process.

Our Impacts


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RFC Programs


RFC Schools

There is a total of nine RFC Schools in different districts to ensure students are not refrained from their right to education. The schools have directly impacted a total of 2500 students and ensures all the basic facilities are ensured for the students.



Based on a communal model, Padhero is a bathing facility especially developed for women as a means to provide them a space to discuss and share problems less easily shared in their family.



Fifty-five temporary metal shelters were built in Burunchuli, Lalitpur as part of our model village. 50 families in dire need of shelter were provided with a place of residence. The beauty of the Model Village was the integration of communal ideas and components.

Rebuild For Change helps in construction of the village in Lalitpur.

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