20 August, 2017

VFC organized its 8th edition of Debunking Myths on Marijuana

Initiative: VFC, Events

In hopes of shedding some light on the taboo subject of Marijuana, Creasion conducted its monthly Debunking Myths session on the 12th of August at Nepal House, Baluwatar.  The objective of this talk program was not only to educate people on the scientific make up and effect of marijuana to the human body, but also to clarify its advantages, effects and its prohibition from societal mainstream.  Our first speaker was Mr. Shantum Jha, a student from Amherst majoring in chemistry, who addressed both the chemical composition as well as his personal experience. 


Our second speaker was Mr Anjay Kumar KC who is the president of the Coalition of Drug Users in Nepal and a drug user activist engaged in fighting for human rights and decriminalization of marijuana.  He spoke confidently of his experience with marijuana and as to why it should be legalized.  In spite of having a small audience, the talk session successfully opened a whole new perspective on a sensitive topic of marijuana and educated those present.