24 February, 2017

Free Health Camp

Initiative: VFC, Events

Volunteer for Change (VfC), one of the programs of CREASION organized a free health camp on 5th of Ashwin, 2072 (22nd September,2015) in a joint partnership with Rotary Club of Jawalakhel, Manjushree and Alka Hospital P. Ltd in Manegaun, Burunchilli.

The main purpose of the health camp was to diagnose the cause of illness of the people and to find out the basic type of health and sanitation related trainings that is needed in the community. 

The total people who attende the camp:

Total no. of beneficiaries: 160
Total no. of men: 38
Total no. of women: 88
Total no. of children 34  

Before the health camp, a survey was conducted to find out the health condition of the community which revealed that a health camp was needed to figure out the fundamental driver of the sickness. At that point we had a meeting with Alka Hospital and concluded in conducting a free health camp for the community people.

The people were provided with health cards for further health check ups and hospital services at subsidized prices.

Amidst all the gloom, pessimism and the upheaval faced by the society, VFC is doing its work in a moderate however, in a relentless way as a team with Rotary Club of Jawalakhel, Manjushree. The general population of Burunchuli was additionally very co-operative and henceforth we got a positive response making this health camp a success.