03 April, 2017

Reconstruction of Shree Kaule Devi primary School and Journey of 55 French Engineers

Initiative: RFC, News

It was 28th February when the team of 55 French Engineers stepped to the project site i.e Kaule, Nuwakot with the challenge of reconstructing damaged school in one month. Immediately from the very next day, they started their work. Devotion and passion was well reflected in their working way. There were many issues related to Food, Weather, Communication but nothing stopped them. Then there comes 1st of April when they were ready for School inauguration. Hard to believe but yes the team did it.

We would like to appreciate the hard work of HUMAN'ISA XVII team who selflessly worked hard for a month long period without any excuses. Also, we are thankful to all the organization, institution and individuals who were directly or indirectly associated with the project.

We all hope the children can now study well and secure a bright future.