12 January, 2017

Reconstruction of Shree Public Higher Secondary School, Saptari

Initiative: RFC, News

Creasion is building a three room RCC structure for Shree Public Higher Secondary school in Tilathi with the financial support from Association for Nepal Synapse Self-reliance Support in Japan (ANSSSJ).

Tilathi is a small village near the Indian border, Kunauli which is 9 kilometers towards south from the nearest city, Rajbiraj. The total population constitutes of 60% Brahmans and the rest 40% includes Yadavs and Fishermans.

Shree Public Higher Secondary School is the main high school established in the year 1979 in the area with more than 1200 students. The school accommodates students of 8 villages; Launiya, Tilathi, Sarkarpura, Rampura, Malniya, Behli, Kochabakhari and Barhi Birpur.

The school used to be Lower Secondary until 2010 when the school had to be upgraded to Higher Secondary School because there were no proper schools besides this.

The number of students are increasing but the school do not have enough rooms and toilets to accommodate more students. The existing structures are also in depilated condition that needs repairing and maintenance. So, the school committee is having hard times knocking doors for help but no a single help has responded regarding the addition of more classrooms.

With the financial support from the same donor, Creasion is also reconstructing yet another two schools in Sindhupalchowk and Sindhuli which were widely damaged by the 2015 Earthquake.