22 March, 2017

Reconstruction of Shree Higher Secondary School, Sindhuli

Initiative: RFC, News

Creasion with the financial support from Association for Nepal Synapse Self-reliance Support in Japan (ANSSSJ), is rebuilding the damaged classroom of Shree Higher Secondary School in Sindhuli district.

The school is just along the Dhulikhel-Bardibas highway, 100kms from Kathmandu which was established in 1963 AD.

The school has six structures out of which only two structures are marked safe by the damage assessment team of Government of Nepal after the earthquake of 2015 while the the rest are marked unsafe. The earthquake has left the school with only four classrooms. The damaged and cracked structures are still standing as the school does not have other options besides running the classes in the same affected buildings.

Geographically, the school is situated in the glen of Sindhuli and Ramechhap hills divided by the Sunkoshi River. Students come from both the districts to study. They walk two hours every day from Thare, Shikhardanda, Belghari of Ramechhap district and three hours from Borleni, Lakhanpur of Sindhuli district only to reach the school.

The school currently has 412 students from diverse caste and background. A remarkable number of students are from highly marginalized Majhi (fisherman) and Dalit (disadvantaged) communities. The Majhis and Dalits have slowly started sending their children to school which was rarely seen in previous days. Shree Higher Secondary School is one of the schools that is located nearby the settlements of these communities and has been receiving a large number of students from these so called isolated communities. This school has played an exemplary role to educate such marginalized and disadvantaged children.