© Photographer credit: creasion.org/Achyut Shrestha

About Creasion

In 2005 social-entrepreneur Aanand Mishra, with support from his friends, founded the non-governmental organisation Center of Research and Sustainable Development Nepal (CREASION).

Having executed numerous social, environmental and cultural initiatives and campaigns, CREASION finally launched a volunteer-platform called Volunteers for Change (VFC) in 2010, assisting national and international volunteers in creating positive changes throughout Nepal in an organized and effective fashion.

In April and May 2015, two major earthquakes hit Nepal. Thousands were killed and hundred thousands were left destitute. CREASION immediately launched the Rebuild For Change (RFC) initiative, seeking to establish a never-before-seen model for rebuilding entire communities in an earthquake-resilient and sustainable fashion. Apart from RFC, CREASION also runs Volunteers For Change (VFC) program, which is a volunteer-platform with a special emphasis on youth empowerment.

Our Vision

Development is an inevitable process. But unless it is based on a well-thought, holistic principle, its end result could be counter-productive to the envisioned goal. At the wake of 21st Century, which marks an unprecedented explosion of technological advancement, more than ever, our idea of development demands a solid humanistic base to it.

Center for Research and Sustainable Development Nepal (CREASION), is a not for profit, non-governmental organization, driven by the vision of compassion based development. CREASION strives to be an innovative platform for development, collective solutions, sustainable progress, volunteerism, and research based tasks, while co-creating an informal and creative workspace. We want to uphold the combined understanding of creativity and compassion as CREASION's primary drive.