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The world needs a fearless approach to social change, an approach that can embrace the ever-evolving dynamics of innovation, creativity and social responsibility, without losing sight of altruistic values.

CREASION is an organisation where all adventures and collaborations are driven by a set of core values.


We believe that an entrepreneurial spirit creates a culture of courage, which is key in addressing current environmental and social challenges faster, smarter and with more impact.


We define compassion as the realization of inter-connectedness. In our daily work we strive towards empathy and increased awareness, so that each beneficiary, partner, volunteer and staff-member feels connected.


We are all being tested from time to time. Courage is important to us because it challenges our every decision, and it pushes us to take the positive steps others have not yet dared.


Transparency is the key to a strong collaboration across sectors, between organisations and among individuals. It promotes a greater expertise, clarity and adaptiveness in exploring solutions. We share our results and experiences openly, allowing others to learn from our successes and failures alike.


Playfulness inspires creativity, and without creativity there can be no good ideas. We believe that our creative power is unlocked by a sense of freedom and fun, and therefore we insist on creating a light-hearted and inspiring climate for our volunteers and staff. 


We recognize the shoulders we stand upon. We also know that the task at hand requires the efforts of many. We seek to remain ever humble as we approach a new project, a new beneficiary and a new volunteer. 

Our values are more than inspiring words for special occasions. They are our fabric and reflect our approach to both “outer work” with various programs, as well as our “inner work” as a team and organisation.