WWERP provides assistance to waste workers of Kawadi Byawasaya Sangh

By Avipsha Rayamajhi
July 25, 2020

The distribution in Chitwan ended on June 25, 2020 in Bharatpur. The distribution was conducted in the facilitation of Kawadi Byabasai Sangh for 163 waste workers. They were provided with ration materials including awareness sessions and medical consultations by our medical officer.

Awareness sessions on the proper use and removal of masks and gloves, hand washing technique as well as basic information on the virus outbreak and the dos and dont's were also provided to the sanitation workers. The women beneficiaries who were provided with reusable sanitary pads were also taught the use of it.

With this distribution, we officially concluded Waste Workers Emergency Relief Project Phase II in Chitwan. Appreciation to the team for successfully concluding the distribution.

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