22 March, 2017

Debunking Myths

Initiative: VFC Project Status: On going


Debunking Myths is a series devoted towards bringing into light the myths that have taken ahold of our society’s image of the world around it. With our focus primarily on instilling the desire to test society’s behavior towards specific problems in young people, Debunking Myths works with experienced, yet ever-curious keynote speakers and a committed audience, this program hopes to achieve the change that CREASION always speaks of. Change that is self-sustainable and positive for all parties committed.

What we are/ what we aren't

Debunking Myths serves itself as a talk series much like some other world-renowned programs with one of the most attractive offers of the show being the set of experienced and passionate speakers we have on stage. However, what separates us from most of these other talk shows it the major role that the audience plays in the concluding part of the event; we believe that it leaves both the audience as well as the showrunners with a lot more to offer to the world regarding the topic at hand if we can form a collaborative relationship between experience and passion.

Where are we going with this then?

A more informed future for our country. For so long have we lived with decisions made on the judgment of our ancestors that most of us have begun to believe everything wrong in our society simply as parts of our life but it doesn’t need to be, it shouldn’t be. Debunking Myths doesn’t plan on pointing our judgments passed in history and in the present as wrong or right but simply wants to instigate a certain level of curiosity in its audience – to learn more, explore more, and challenge more.

What you can do?

Anything. You can participate as part of the audience as someone who patiently listens and learns, or become an active contributor to the topic being discussed. If you’re passionate and convincing enough, you can even apply to be a speaker; the sky’s the limit.