09 January, 2017

Step up

Initiative: VFC Project Status: On going

According to an article published on Fortune magazine, Nepal’s unemployment rate hovers around the 50% mark, contributing to its status as one of the most impoverished countries. In particular, the unemployment rate for youth (aged 15-24) has risen in urban areas, from 7.6 per cent in 1998/99 to 13.0 per cent in 2008 (ILO, Nepal Labour Market Update, 2014).

The fact is quite alarming given 70 per cent of the population in Nepal is under the age of 35. According to 2011 Census, the median age for Nepal was 21.4, a predominantly young demography. Despite the steady growth of service sector, which is a major component of Nepali economy (ILO, Nepal Labour Market Update, 2014), Nepali youth has been unable to derive the desired benefit from this burgeoning market. The rural youth, in particular, is deprived of necessary skills and exposure, which pushes them further away from employment opportunities.

According to the ILO report, the highest poverty rate is found among households where the head is working as an agricultural labourer (47.0 per cent), while it is the lowest for those where the head is a professional wage and salaried worker (5.6 per cent). Therefore, despite carrying a huge potential to provide employment opportunities to a large spectrum, Service Sector still remains a relatively undermined area.

In this light, CREASION has identified a specific need relevant to youth in Nepal. There is a serious lack of exposure to, and chance of, job opportunities among young citizens in general and marginalized groups such as Madhesis and Janajatis, in particular. To address this need, VFC has launched step-up program.



‘Step Up’ is three-day program, offering participants the chance to develop basic professional-skills and groom their “job-profile” while learning how to properly present themselves.

The three days’ focus on two segments:

  1. Unlocking Individual Potential
  2. Career Building Training

Unlocking individual potential aimed at creating a favorable environment on the first day, for participants to openly engage with their views, ideas and questions. This part of the program includes social-energizers, motivational talks, interactive group-work and other fun, yet thought provoking activities. There is a great amount of potential to be unlocked in each participant, when the space is safe and brimming with creativity.

Career Building Training covers the last two days of the program, where training in MS Word, CV-making, Cover Letter writing, Interview-tips, Professional Etiquette and Personal Development skills are provided by professional facilitators.

This 3-day-program is aimed to motivate participants to ‘Step Up’, from their current position, and start their journey towards a successful career. The program is designed to be innovative, intimate and interactive. It is structured in such a way, so as to put participants at ease, encouraging participation in activities and internalize the provided information.




CREASION has identified specific needs and demands of the newer generations in Nepal: there is a serious lack of exposure to job-opportunities among young citizens from marginalized groups.

To address this crisis among disenfranchised ethnic groups, VFC has launched a career development program that aims to uplift each participant to a higher level of professional confidence, career-skill development and self-empowerment. We call it “Step Up”.

CREASION has worked extensively with youth since our inception, and it has offered us valuable insights into current trends and challenges faced by the next generation in Nepal.

When youth-groups are severely disenfranchised and lacks proper representation, a feeling of apathy and lack of confidence ensues. This leads to a situation where applying for jobs become an unnecessary struggle. With little career-support from families and state, minority youth-groups too often opts out of a professional career. Even completing a Bachelor's degree does not entail the benefit of receiving career-guidance, as not all colleges offer such provisions.



Step Up’ places a strong emphasis on including participants from disenfranchised groups, preferably students from Madhesis, Janajatis and other communities from high-mountain regions and rural villages. Our focus is to help establish a solid foundation of equity throughout Nepali society.

Our three-day session is a success if:

  • Participants find a real sense of potential and capability
  • Participants leave with an enhanced level of confidence in their ability to establish a career.
  • Participants feel inspired and motivated on their professional journey.
  • Participants have a heightened sense of awareness concerning the basic components for career making i.e CV, Cover Letter, Interviews Tips etc.